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'Mischief Maker' by Unknown French Artist (circa 1930s)



'Mischief Maker', oil on board, by unknown French artist (circa 1930s). With his small notebook in hand and cheeky smile on his face, a school boy sits restlessly at a table. The chair looks too large to be from school so he is probably fidgeting at home having just told his mother he's completed his homework. By the look on his face, he can't wait to dash outside to join his playmates in mischief. What a very delightful glimpse of French life the artist has captured here! Unfortunately, the signature is illegible at the lower right hand side precluding us from learning more about them. What we can certainly say however, is that this artist had the - je ne sais quoi - to beautifully record this snippet of a bygone era. Perhaps it was even the artist's very own son. Regrettably we will never know, but that should not stop you from adopting him as your own. What a great piece for your home or work space.

Overall, the work is in fair vintage condition commensurate with its age and the medium used. There is some apparent blemishing in the paint and surface (see listing's detailed images) but that is unsurprising given its age. This does not affect the overall impression for the viewer and the piece has now been sealed and preserved with a new frame and glazing work. Upon request, a video may provided of the piece.

Dimensions with frame:

H 45 cm (17.7")

W 52 cm (20.5")

Dimensions without frame:

H 32 cm (12.6")

W 39 cm (15.3")