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Jewellery Box with Decorative Ceramic Lid by François Lembo (circa 1960s)


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Jewellery box with decorative ceramic lid by François Lembo (circa 1960s). Mid-century modern style raised abstract motif with yellow, white and caramel coloured geometric shapes imbedded in gold crackle (with small evident chip) over a glossy caramel lid. The lid tops a rectangular wooden black box with protective felt base and bottom. The piece is in good vintage condition with characterful blemishing attesting to its age and usage. The overall charm is undeniable and a real collector's item. The signature on Lembo's works are often obscured under the felt coverings. Upon request, a video of the piece may be provided. 

About the Designer: A native of Vallauris, François Lembo (1930 - 2013) started his pottery career in 1951 in the workshops of Calva and Rossignol. After his apprenticeship he worked for 3 years in his father-in-law, Marc Roussel's, studio, before opening his own in the famed town of Vallauris, France in 1960. The work of Roussel, influenced by Byzantine art, inspired Lembo to create mirrors, often decorated in the style of Russian icons. He produced a number of religious icons decorated with small ceramic beads and sold his work at "Terre de Provence" with considerable success in the 60s and 70s. He worked as a ceramicist for some 23 years and passed away in 2013. His son Renaud continues as a ceramicist in Vallauris.


H 5.5 cm (2.2")

W 10.5 cm (4.1")

L 28 cm (11")