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Fembot Oracle - '8 of Lights - Integration' by Stephen Morallee


The Fembot Oracle is a collection of 78 photographic pieces created by the artist Stephen Morallee. Each piece is a self-portrait of the artist in a moving meditation practice that he developed in 2003 called Deetell. Each of the 78 supports a different aspect and quality of life.

This piece is the ‘8 of Lights - Integration.’ The impact of this piece infuses a home or work space with the qualities of Integration and supports the cultivation and exploration of it by those that experience it. This text accompanies the piece:  

“As Integration you bring a depth of love to the holding together of elements that seemed to be worlds apart. In your embrace, all wisdom from diverse sources of wonder is harvested in a synergy of beauty and brilliance. All is held by you and artfully aligned. In your presence, we sense that the parts of us and of the world that we have resisted, can come closer with no detriment to anything truthful. Your effortless brilliance brings peace and wonder to all elements and all parties. In your presence we always experience that which is greater than the sum of its parts and in turn trust that we are greater than the sum of our stories. You make welcoming so available.”

Each piece is printed on Fuji Crystal DPII Gloss Paper, with a 75-year brilliant colour guarantee. This piece is 120 x 96 cm and other sizes are available.

About the Artist: Stephen Morallee was born in 1971 to an Egyptian mother and English father, raised in London, and after completing an honours Bachelor's degree at Goldsmiths, University of London, he spent the following 4 years living and working in Padova, Italy; New York City and Tokyo.

After his return to London in 1998 and over the following 5 years, he continued to work and train with a range of crafts and processes.

In April 2003, Morallee started to explore Seiki, a body of work developed by the Japanese Shiatsu Master Akinobu Kishi-san. During a private session with him in London he experienced a powerful awakening and in that moment brought through the origins of a body of work he named Deetell. Deetell is the primary foundation for his artwork. In addition, Morallee painted as part of Billy Childish's collective, 'Heckel's Horse', in Chatham Docks. He now paints and works from his own studio in East London.