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Vintage Moroccan Shawl Beni Ouarain


In the mountains north of Fez, the women of the Beni Ouarain tribe weave shawls that appear very light in colour and simply made at first glance. Looking closely however, reveals a fine pattern of stripes in black and brown, each with a different geometric design.  This shawl (or rug) is elegant and uplifting.  One has to view the close-up photos to appreciate the beauty of the design and effort in craftsmanship.  The shawl's neutral colours, thick wool and subtle patterns are what sets this apart and make it so attractive.  Ideal as a bedside rug to keep those feet warm in winter.

Upon request a video clip may be provided to add context.


L  173 cm (68.1")

W  90 cm (35.4")