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'Woman in Headdress' - French School (circa 1960s-70s)


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'Woman in Headdress', oil on canvas, French School (circa 1960s-70s). This splendid woman is most likely from one of the countries in French-speaking Africa. Most of those countries that speak French are in Western and Central Africa, with others scattered across the continent. Having arrived in Africa from colonial activity, French took on many different forms and maintained use to some degree in nearly two dozen nations. In addition to the continent of Africa, there are many other French speakers including those called Creoles. Creole is a term used to refer to the mixed-race descendants of Europeans and Africans born in the islands. Creole languages based on French exist mostly in Haiti, Louisiana, and Mauritius. Both in Africa and in the islands, Creole women wore beautifully colourful garments, often with matching headdress. The artist sympathetically depicts a woman of a certain age wearing such a garment, most likely for a local feast day or family celebration. The artwork was discovered in the South of France. Lamentably, it is unsigned but the quality of the work is unquestionable. It is in good vintage condition and has been newly framed. Please view the many photos accompanying the listing. Upon request, a video of the artwork may be provided.

Dimensions with frame:

H 30.0 cm / 11.8"

W 25.5 cm / 10.0"

Dimensions without frame:

H 19.0 cm / 7.5"

W 15.0 cm / 5.9"