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Set of Six Drawings (Set 1) by Guillaume Dulac (circa 1920s)


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Set of six drawings, pencil on paper (circa 1920s), by French artist, Guillaume Dulac (1883 - 1929). This is an historical collection from an artist born in the 19th century but who died while a relatively young person and about whom very little is known. It is an exquisite grouping of drawings available together as one set. Some of the sketches are studies for larger works planned by the artist. The sketches are connected by artist and style but not subject matter. They are all from the early 20th century and executed using pencil on art paper by Dulac. In this set, one drawing is signed by Dulac, the one depicting two female nudes.

Please note: One of the images of a standing nude (rear facing) in this set is annotated on the right as follows: 'Liliane Doly - Liliane Doly 20, Rue Didot 14eme' (Paris). It appears the artist wrote the model's name and she signed the work herself with her address listed in the 14th Arrondissement of Paris.

Because of the quality of his art, his works have been sold at auction and collected internationally. This set would enhance a corridor or hallway of your home or perhaps placed along a staircase or in an office or library. Given their age, they are in fair to good vintage condition - all showing minor fading and some blemishing / deterioration of the art paper but the artworks are otherwise beautifully intact and the drawing superb. All of the works have been newly framed and glazed. Please view the accompanying photos very closely to assess the aesthetics and condition of the works. Upon request a video may be provided. Named after the artist, there is an 'Avenue Guillaume Dulac' in the town of la Ciotat, near Marseille, in the South of France. 

Dimensions of largest and smallest drawings with frame:


L 42 cm / 16.5"

H 35 cm / 13.8"


H 38 cm / 15.0"

L 30.5 cm / 12.0"