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'Sailors in Marseille' French School (circa 1960s)


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'Sailors in Marseille', gouache on art paper, French School (circa 1960s). Ever since the 6th century, there have been fishermen selling their catch in the Old Port of Marseille while sailors from visiting vessels have always enjoyed a night on the town. Today the Old Port is the city’s beating heart, a vital part of Marseille. In this work, the artist depicts a solo French sailor crossing paths with his American counterpart. The Frenchman sports his cap with iconic pom pom rouge while the American sailor is dressed in his white 'Cracker Jack' uniform topped by the traditional 'Dixie Cup'. The darkened street with lighted windows exudes mystery and adventure, exactly what those sailors are in search of. While the sailors don't acknowledge each other's presence, perhaps because of the language barrier, they know they are on similar missions. Ladies grace the sidewalks on either side of the street. What atmosphere the artist has created! Discovered in the South of France, the work is in good vintage condition and has been newly framed and glazed. Although the work is signed, the artist's name is unclear. Upon request a video of the piece may be provided.

Dimensions with frame:

H 68.0 cm / 26.8"

W 58.5 cm /  23.0"

Dimensions without frame:

H 52.5 cm / 20.7"

W 43.5 cm / 17.1"