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'Coastal Village' by M. Phidias (circa 1920s)


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'Coastal Village', oil on canvas, by M. Phidias (circa 1920s). A small village situated along a serene coastal Mediterranean inlet is the stuff dreams are made of. Unimposing homes in white and pastel shades sit under umbrella pine trees fronting the small boat-filled harbour. The scene captured by the artist is of the sort that awakens people to live their own dream. Until you are able to do that, why not put it on your own wall to inspire you to reach your destination? Commensurate with age, the painting is in fair vintage condition. It has been very recently cleaned and restored and newly framed - its true age is revealed on the reverse side which retains its characterful history. Discovered in the South of France, it is signed: 'M. Phidias' in the lower right hand of the artwork. Please view the many photos accompanying the listing. Upon request, a short video may be provided.

About the Artist: Little is known of M. Phidias other than he or she was born in the 19th Century and painted into the 20th. A dozen or so of the artist's paintings have become available for sale at major auction houses attesting to the quality of the works and thus inspired spirited bidding.

Dimensions with frame:

H 63.0 cm / 24.8"

W 75.5 cm / 29.7"

Dimensions without frame:

H 59.5 cm / 23.4"

W 72.0 cm / 28.3